Loudoun County continues to be one of the fastest growingcounties in the country with the rapid development of “edge cities”. Edgecities are areas of economic development (live-work-shop-play clusters) thatgrow around major roadways, intersections, and airports. Virginia Route 7,known as Leesburg Pike, once brought people and goods from Leesburg and pointswest to Washington DC and its close suburbs. Now it’s just as likely to bringfamilies and businesses in the opposite direction to communities like BelmontRidge and Ashburn Village. Each of these mini-economies bolsters the county’stax base – a good thing for Loudoun residents.

But it’s not all good news. Urbanization of western Loudoun County(west of the Route 15 demarcation line) threatens the county’s rural character andnatural beauty as well as overtaxing its natural resources. Loudoun’s horsefarms, vineyards, scenery, and abundant wildlife make the county a uniquelywonderful place to live.

Careful planned economic growth combined with historic andenvironmental preservation are needed as the population grows to a predicted500,000 from its current 370,00. Read more about at Loudoun’s Edge Cities